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5 Benefits to exercising outdoors



1.Sunshine- we are so lucky this year there is plenty of it so, being outdoors is easy. It  gives you Vitamin D

which improves your mood and immune system among other things. 

2.Mental stimulation: There is always something new to look at outdoors. In the gym or at home its pretty much ths same

3.Psychological Benefits . Tests have shown working outdoors  stimulates your mood and when you train outdoors in a group it makes it fun! Can then relive stress and anxiety.

4. New exercises .Working outdoors  challenges your body much more than in a gym. ie running outdoors is harder then running on a treadmill on an incline. The workout is varied too as your body has to deal with sand, grass, dirt so you work your body harder

5. Easier to stick to. Creating an exercise habit is difficult and consistency is the key to weight goal and health goals success. The pleasures of working outdoors mentioned above may mean you will stick to your training regime.

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