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5 Benefits to exercising outdoors

  1.Sunshine- we are so lucky this year there is plenty of it so, being outdoors is easy. It  gives you Vitamin D which improves your mood and immune system among other things.  2.Mental stimulation: There is always something new to look at outdoors. In the gym or at home its pretty much ths same 3.Psychological Benefits . TestsRead more »

Strength Circuits Burn More Fat Faster

Strength circuits Can help your burn more fat faster What are strength workouts? They are a mix of strength and plyometric exercises combined into a specific sequence to get maximum benefit in less time Why do they work? 95% of fat burn occurs after exercise- running on a treadmill will not give you this afterRead more »

Treat yourself and your mum for Mothers Day

Mums the Word Fitness is offering one personal training session valued at $81 along with unlimited group fitness classes valued at $120 for $99.* You can share the pt session with a friend f(or your mum) or no extra cost. If you take up this offer you are also entitled to a photo session, & aRead more »

The Myths about carbs

In my business, my clients want to lose weight, its  one of their major goals. Losing weight is 70% food and 30% exercise so naturally we discuss their diet. What are they eating, how much and how often. The most common response to getting the weight off quickly is to cut carbs. But is thisRead more »

Who is Mums The Word Fitness

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Mums the Word Newsletter: February 2016

Welcome to Mums the Word Newsletter February 2016  

Exercise Effects on Bones and Muscles for Women

Exercise Effects on Bones and Muscles As someone who has been diagnosed with osteoporosis, I understand how critical it is to have strong muscles and bones. Muscle strength declines as people age, but studies report that when people exercise they are stronger and leaner than others in their age group. My mum had osteoporosis and evenRead more »

Pelvic Floor Safe Postnatal exercise

Pelvic floor safe postnatal exercise: A case study Making pelvic floor safe modifications to an exercise program can have long-lasting – and sometimes fast – results. Working with trainers who specialize in this area is important to achieving results and taking care.  Physiotherapist and Pelvic Floor First ambassador Dianne Edmonds shares a client’s story of pelvicRead more »

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8 Exercises to Lose that extra weight and keep it off for good

MTWF wishes everyone a Happy New Year. Make 2016 your year. Enjoy our FREE Guide:   How to lose the extra weight  you put on over Christmas and how to keep it off for good!   Mum's the Word Fitness – 8 Exercises