10 Tips To Having a Healthy Easter

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March 14, 2018
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April 4, 2018

10 Tips To Having a Healthy Easter


Have a Healthy Easter!










The last thing you want to do this Easter holidays is undo all the hard work you have done this year by filling up on Easter eggs and hot cross buns! To help you I’ve collated 10 tips to get through the next few days so you can have a healthy Easter.


1.    Eat a healthy main meal


Have a protein rich or high fibre meal BEFORE you have your Easter eggs.

You will probably eat less and you won’t get the blood sugar spike from eating on an empty stomach.


2.    Choose wholegrain hot cross buns


Wholegrain hot cross buns have more fibre and contain far more vitamins and minerals than normal ones, plus they will keep you fuller for longer.


3.    Choose dark chocolate


Invest in good quality chocolate and buy small amounts so you don’t eat more than you should.  The darker the chocolate the more antioxidants, so chocolate with 60 per cent or higher cocoa is a good option.


4.    Set some limits


Easter is a special occasion and it’s okay to eat some sweets and have fun. If you say to yourself, you can’t have anything then it will be hard to resist and you might binge. Instead, allow yourself to have a little bit and make sure you stay within that limit.


5.    Be prepared with snacks for a healthy Easter


Have plenty of delicious favourite healthy foods on hand so you don’t automatically reach for the Easter eggs. Find healthy substitutes to chocolate that still satisfy your sweet cravings like fruit. Make fruit the main ingredient and add chocolate like strawberries dipped in chocolate. Or protein balls made from cacao, coconut and dates.


6.    Sharing is caring


If you have an abundance of chocolate, don’t leave it lying around the house to tempt you, share it with friends, family or work colleagues. You could even throw it out!



7.    Make your own sweet treats


Have you tried making something yourself? I have made this delicious chocolate slice recipe before and it’s a sweet, nutritious hit.


8.    Use a food tracker


Keep a track of what you are eating which will help you stay in control. There are many calorie counter apps available to track your consumption.


9.    Use portion control


Here’s some good news for chocoholics – a big chocolate Easter bunny can have as many as 1,075 calories! You have to do a lot of squats to get rid of that! A small hollow egg can have a little as 72 calories. Eat them slowly and savour the taste, knowing your waistline is safe.


10.         Build a calorie bank


This is my favourite because I feel in control and prepared. Try to exercise every day over Easter to balance out the consumption of extra kilojoules. The more fuel you burn off via exercise, the more it will counter balance the extra calories. It’s a short break but you only need a small amount of time, try this 12 minute workout or try to schedule in some exercise with your family and friends.

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