3 Common mind traps and what to do about them

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3 Common mind traps and what to do about them

Our mind can set traps for us which can create feelings of anxiety and work against us. Knowing which thoughts and feelings impact us, and create barriers to the things we want to achieve in our lives, is the beginning of keeping it under control and preventing them impacting on the way we live  in the outside world.

There are 3  common mindset traps

  1. Inner critic- judge, jury and executioner
  2. Shadows – different kinds there are known, hidden and golden
  3. Stories –stories our mind has made up


Inner critic –Negative self talk

“I can’t believe they did not call me back for that job interview – I will never get a job this summer”

“I am such an idiot”

“Why should I bother ”

A strategy to break this cycle is to acknowledge this inner voice and  challenge it.  For example, when the voice says I am such an idiot,  yell back at it , you are a liar, I am smart and back it up with evidence. Tell yourself all about your good qualities such as I am a good friend, I am a loving wife etc.



A shadow is a darker aspect of ourselves that we avoid dismiss or hide. They are usually something about ourselves we don’t like.

They fall into 3 categories

  • Known – you know there is a darker aspect of yourself that is probably shameful, like an addiction which we hide from others. When you are challenged you find  you fly off the handle easily or become defensive.
  • Unknown- you don’t really know what it is on a unconscious level but on a subconscious  level and in certain situations can be causing reoccurring hurt.
  • Golden-this is a repressed gift or talent hidden to you as a child. I know someone who was quite spiritual as a child and her parents pushed this to one side and said it was nonsense.



This can be  events that have  happened but in your mind the event is exaggerated.

I don’t remember when I decided being successful would mean people would not want to associate with me. As I am a very social person and did not want this to happen, I would down play my success and this caused inner conflict as I was not being authentic to myself.



I heard of Mindfulness many years ago when it wasn’t mentioned very often, now you hear it everywhere.

So what does it mean:

  • present in the moment,
  • showing  up –
  • driving towards a happy state.

The most wonderful situation is  to be mindfully happy with all areas of your life – health relationships with parents and friends school or job.

How can we be at this peaceful happy state?

We don’t feel happy all the time and that’s ok –

But if we know how to do it we are off to a great start to find a peaceful  state

Here are some ideas

  • Medatation– visual or stillness and gives you a sense of peace
  • Being outdoors in nature- feeling part of something bigger
  • Creatively engaged – you are focused on the task so you are thinking of what you are doing or learning- art music a sport
  • Heart connection – what you love doing spending time with friends who make you happy, connecting and away from the computer.

I am now a qualified coach in the areas of creating balance in your life Mastering the flow of Yin and Yang) dealing with anxiety( strategies to change that annoying voice in your head ,your inner critic) and overcoming fear: where does your fear come from?

Welcome to Mind Fit: our mission is to help women live the life you are meant to live: full of positivity, love and joy!

If you are

  • feeling overwhelmed and anxious
  • feeling guilty,depressed or resentful
  • struggling to lose or maintain a healthy weight
  • No me time.

Please contact us here for more information.





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