3 Tips On How To Prepare For A Race The Day Before

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April 18, 2018
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3 Tips On How To Prepare For A Race The Day Before










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You’ve been following a training and nutrition routine to get your body ready for a fun run or race and the day is finally here! It can be filled with excitement and nerves and there are certain things you can do to help manage this and ensure the run goes smoothly. In this blog post I share with you 3 tips that will see you heading in to the day with your focus on the finish line.

Run or Rest The Day Before a Race?

It’s the day before the race and sometimes it can be confusing if you should go for a run or just rest the day before.  No matter what the distance of the race, there are a lot of opinions but it comes down to personal choice.


I am the rest the night before type. Runners who choose to rest are usually more relaxed, fresh and ready to run when the get to the start line.  If this sounds like you then take it easy and relax the day before.


If you get nervous before a race, you might consider to go for a slow, 20 minute jog the day before to release the nervous tension and any anxiety you might have.


Avoid a Hard Workout Before Race Day

A long run, speed workout or strength session will only make you feel tired and sore before the race and may shake your self-confidence as to whether you should compete at all! Keep the prep to a minimum.


Practice Running the Race Course


Running the course before a race can help you get prepared mentally so if this would help you, make sure you do it a few days before the race.  You could even include it as part of your training plan if the course is nearby.


Don’t forget the course will feel different on race day when it’s closed off to traffic and there are a lot of runners around.


Alternatively if you think knowing the course might feed any anxiety or nerves, then an alternative is to study the course map, not forgetting to locate the hydration, on-course support or toilets.

Here is the course map so you can take a look if you choose:



Another top tip is to know what to eat before race day so you fuel your body with energy to compete.


Remember that you’ve put in the hard work and you’re well-trained so try not to be nervous. Go out and enjoy the race, I will be there with you in spirit as I run on the other side of the world!

See you in the great outdoors,



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