4 Tips to make change easily and effortlessly.

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January 9, 2019
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January 31, 2019

4 Tips to make change easily and effortlessly.

Mum overwhelmed with hands on head4 easy tips to re-organising Your Lifestyle – Don’t Make it Difficult on Yourself!

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Re-organising your lifestyle can be quite a challenge for many of us and our  families.  If you want to succeed at weight loss  I am sure you want to be able to do it without tearing your hair out. Your goal is to re-arrange and plan your day so that you, your family and your new lifestyle can run smoothly.

1.Plan your low-fat meals and recipes in a diary. Planning your grocery shop with a shopping list  will prevent you from buying unnecessary junk food.

2. When planning your shopping list remember, that unless you have the time, don’t go getting all creative with low fat banquets for lunches and dinner. Choose simple to prepare ingredients and meals.

3. Dont try and do too much at once. Making small effective changes are easier to cope with. eg When on holidays I found I was eating way too much chips and cheese and of course indulging in pre dinner drinks and wine at dinner. So chips were to go first, ticked that off the list, and now I am reducing alcohol.

4. Making  appointments for your exercise time slot need to be written into your appointment book or diary. You can tick each appointment off as the day progresses. If its in the diary it will get done.


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