5 reasons we dont exercise and what to do about it

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January 21, 2019
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January 31, 2019

I happen to love working out so its easy to schedule this into my day. For some they could not think of anything worse!

Deep down inside we know exercise is good for us.  Everywhere you look there is more and more information about how exercise helps us lose weight, eat better and live longer.

No time

We are all very busy with kids homework and activities, working, looking after the house and the meals, I empathize , its not so simple to fit exercise into our lives.

Action Steps

Set alarm 10 minutes earlier to get up so you can fit in a workout. Gone are the days when you have to be taking 60 mins to complete a training session.

Use the stairs at work, suggest a standing work station to your boss and get off the bus or train earlier.

Walk your kids to and from school, and take the dog out for a walk/run.

Or get a dog!

No energy

A client was finding it difficult getting to the morning class as she was staying up till 11pm.

When the alarm went off, naturally she had no energy to get out of bed.

Some of the things I mentioned above,  going to work, managing a family can make you tired.

The interesting thing about exercise is once you get into it,  you have more energy and part of the reason for this is you get a more quality sleep!

Your diet may be also making you feel lethargic.

Action steps

Think of delegating some of those tasks to other members of the family so you can get to bed at a more suitable time.

Review your diet: write down what you are eating and drinking

Get a app to help you. The Sugar film app tells you have much sugar is in a wide range of foods. You just need to scan the label.  Also Food switch can give you healthier options to what you are currently buying.





No motivation

As a lover of exercise,  even I sometimes lack motivation. If you see no reward at the end you wont do it.  So through education you will discover wonderful reasons why you should be exercising.

  • less risk of heart attack and stroke
  • weight loss if this is important to you
  • feeling better in yourself
  • healthier lifestyle not out of breath when running for the bus or playing with your kids

Action Steps

Get educated: there is plenty   of information out there. You can even message me!

Join a group fitness class. – these offer camaraderie, competitiveness, fun and variety and all you do is show up!

Not ready for that- grab a training buddy. Nothing gets you out of bed than knowing you have to meet someone.

Too hard and overwhelming

If you haven’t exercised at all or for some time then naturally this can be an issue.  As I mentioned above there is a lot of information out there and this can be a disadvantage when you don’t know where to begin.

Action Steps

Get a check up from you GP to ensure all is in working order to you don’t get an injury before you even begin!

Get a personal trainer for a few sessions to get you started, you would only  need a few to help with technique. Many group sessions including ours, can cater for all levels of fitness. Just don’t make your decision based on price. Discuss with the trainers where you are at and where you want to be.  Its important its right fit. For you and them!













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