5 Things To Tick Off Your Fun Run Checklist

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April 23, 2018
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5 Things To Tick Off Your Fun Run Checklist

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We have been talking about the upcoming Mother’s Day Classic and we are now one week and four days to go!  With so much going on in the lead up I’ve prepared a fun run checklist so you can quickly mark off what you need to do. Keeping it simple with a list will calm your nerves and help you feel prepared for the day.

1.    Stick to Your Training Plan

As it gets closer to race day, the nerves will kick in. Chances are you will start to question whether you’ve done enough training to go the distance. The best tip here is to just stick to what you have been doing, and go for a few practice runs to help you feel confident.


2.    Treat Yourself To a Massage

Who needs an excuse for a massage? On your non training days, book yourself in for a light massage at least 1.5-2 weeks prior to the run. Avoid deep tissue or remedial massage as you just want to help loosen tight muscles from your prep training and relieve any tension.


3.    Stay Hydrated in the lead up to the Fun Run

The recommended amount of water is 8 glasses a day however I think you need to take into account your weight and height. Drinking too much can dilute the sodium content of your body. Drinking not enough can leave you dehydrated and can subject your body to stress…. and we don’t want that! Ideally it’s best to sip water throughout the day to ensure you’re optimally hydrated on race day.


4.    Eat Healthy Meals

As I mentioned on my previous post, it’s important not to deprive your body of essential vitamins and minerals leading up to the event. A nutrition plan is so important so your body is fuelled with the right foods to ensure you have enough energy during training and for race day.


5.    Take Your Race Clothes and Shoes for a Test Run

I have been asked, should I use new shoes for the run.  This is the time that you make that decision. For a 5k run or less you should be fine to use new shoes, anything longer stick to the ones you have.  Once you have made that call, get dressed with the gear you are planning to wear on race day and take it for a test run. There’s nothing worse than something making you itch, giving you blisters or giving you no or little support.

Best of luck to you all on race day, I hope it gives you a great feeling knowing you’ve helped raise funds for a breast cancer awareness and that you’re keeping healthy while doing it.

See you in the great outdoors,


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