5 ways to improve your workouts

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5 ways to improve your workouts

I often see people doing the same thing in the gym and it comes a time when  your body will need to be challenged more. So you can continue to achieve results. here are  5 ways t0  improve your workouts.

Stay focused:

Watch the clock and make sure you are not spending too much time resting or chatting.

Take a break from the machines

Its easier to get on the treadmill or the elliptical all the time, so reach for the dumbbells.

Combine a few exercises together

To help boost your metabolism, try doing a bicep curl with a squat. Say 3 squats, 3 bicep curl, 6 times  Or a chest press with a leg raise.

Include Isometric exercises 

Isometric exercises can dramatically increase the tension in your muscles. By achieving maximum contraction in an exercise, you can boost muscle and bone mass…..an example is a wall sit.

Challenge your Core

We often perform exercises such as the  plank, the dead bug or bridges to strengthen a core. You can also challenge your balance by performing exercises  on one leg, such as single leg squats or dead lifts.





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