6 Things To Do On Race Day

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May 3, 2018
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6 Things To Do On Race Day

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The day has finally arrived, you have been training hard and now it’s time to buckle down and get race day ready!  In this blog post I give you 6 things you need to do to make sure you’re ready to run.

1.    Get Plenty of Sleep

Plan to have quality sleep at least two nights before. This is so important because you may not sleep well the night before the race. Definitely don’t start a Netflix series you can’t tear yourself away from!


2.    Set the Alarm

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready. There’s nothing worse than fiddling with the pins you must attach to your bib, or not having time to eat that important meal.

Top tip: The night before attach your bib to your top and lay out your outfit. Make sure you have your ear phones and music device charging and ready to go. This will help you relax knowing everything is ready for the morning.


3.    Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Choose a high energy digestible food like a banana or avocado on toast and ensure you hydrate yourself. If you can’t stand to leave the house without your coffee, do so as it should have been part of your training plan anyway.


4.    Pace Yourself During the Race

When the run starts it’s all systems go! The siren goes and it’s madness. You can get caught up with all the runners and you may be going faster than you planned. Be mindful of this and start conservatively, building your pace during the run. In the last kilometre or so, dig deep and bring it home.


5.    Stay Positive

When I see people run past me it can be discouraging and I start to doubt myself. Be prepared for this and have some positive affirmations ready. Listen to your music or podcast which I do to get me through. Don’t compete with others, just compete with yourself.


6.    Celebrate and Have Fun

Fun runs are supposed to be that, FUN! Plan to meet your family and friends afterwards and rejoice that you have done something for yourself. Grab a healthy meal to refuel your body and look up the next fun run you can join.

I’m so proud of you, I’ll be thinking of you on the day and don’t forget I’ll be running too, just from the other side of the world! Happy Mother’s Day to you all, you deserve it.

See you in the great outdoors,


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