6 Tips for Defined Abs

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June 20, 2018
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July 5, 2018

6 Tips for Defined Abs

When working with clients, I ask them what they want to work on the most or they feel they need, and it’s the abdominals. Today I am going to share with you 6 ways you can get the definition or the6 pack you have been craving for!

1.Avoid fast digesting acting carbs- this type of carb spikes insulin which will tells your body to hold onto fat. White foods such as bread, rice, sugar, diet and sports drinks. Really anything processed.
Certain carbs you need for energy, such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, vegetables and breads such as sourdough, rye are good choices.
2. Include isometric exercises into your programme – an isometric exercise involves flexing a part of your body holding it and then relaxing. With say a plank you squeeze your abdominal muscles in like you’re trying to push them though to your back for say 10-30 seconds – then you let it go. This exercises over time strengthens the muscle and in turn increases your core.

3. Get your breathing right- when you get this right, you will find you can manage the exercise easier and hold for longer. Take a crunch for example you inhale before you come up and exhale towards that finish or tip point.
4. Keep going – we often will perform an exercise for several reps or a defined time. Mix it up performing the exercise until point of failure.
5. Use weights- don’t be afraid of using weights whilst doing abdominal exercises. Some avoid this thinking they will become thick or blocky. The abdominal muscle is like and other muscle, and you need to build that muscle out to separates to show that definition.
6. Change the pace – You can mix up your routines by doing an exercise fast and explosive or slow and controlled. You will recruit your fast twitch fibres which build more power size and strength.


In summary:
Its about what you eat
Type of exercises you are doing and the speed you are doing them and
Adding some weight into your routines.

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