How To Find Life Balance and Beat The Overwhelm

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May 24, 2018
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How To Find Life Balance and Beat The Overwhelm

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As busy Mums we can find ourselves being pulled in many directions. We are beautiful nurturing souls who want to support everyone. Our time can be torn between our work, family and friend commitments which can result in overwhelm and our life balance being out of kilter.

In this post I will share with you the impact of being overwhelmed on your health and steps to help you get your life balance back in order.


What Is the Result of the Overwhelm Feeling?

One of my close friends is currently dealing with issues with her son, a sick parent and a growing business! This is leaving her with no time for herself and she’s feeling overwhelmed.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed it can create feelings of resentment, guilt, burn out and not being our authentic self. With burn out comes depleted energy levels which can lead to tiredness and sickness, especially this time of year at Winter.

If you want to give your best and beat the overwhelm, here are my tips and steps to make the change.


1.    Check Your Yin and Yang rating

It may sound like an alternative method, but I have used it and it has made a difference in finding the balance in my life. Yin and Yang are complementary forces (rather than opposing) and when paired together is greater than the assembled parts. Everything has both yin and yang aspects, according to philosophy:

  • Yin is your reflection while Yang is your action.
  • Yin is inner and Yang is outer.
  • Yin is intuition and Yang is logic.

Busy Mums, however, are often doing more yang activities than yin. If we think about yin being receiving and yang being giving out too much energy to others, naturally overwhelm sets in, you deplete your energy levels and then you’re no good to anyone.

I have a great questionnaire which helps you work out your yin and yang rating in your lifestyle, if you would like a copy you can reach me here or comment on this post.


2.    Do More of What You Love

One way to get more yin in your life is to think about what you love to do and do more of that. Is it exercise, gardening, painting, visiting the beautician or catching up with friends? Take action now and write a list of what you love. Think about what you used to love doing as a child, could that be your answer.


3.    Put it in Your Diary

Once you have your list, you need to make it happen. We easily schedule our kids activities, work commitments and meetings in our diary so why not make the time for us too. Pick up your diary or calendar and look at all aspects of your like, work and home and schedule in time for doing something you love, once a week is a great start!


4.    Get an Accountability Buddy

Find friend, work colleague, your partner or relative to make sure you do the activity you have decided to do. You can do this by a weekly phone call with your accountability buddy or even a weekly check in text if you’re both too busy for a chat.  Once you are in the flow you will love this time for yourself and it will happen for you regularly.

The Mums The Word Fitness team understands overwhelm and if exercise is on your list of things you love then why don’t you join us for a group training session. Go on, schedule it in with your accountability buddy and book a FREE trial session today.

See you in the great outdoors,


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