A Guide To Better Boxing

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June 14, 2018
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A Guide To Better Boxing

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Those who train with me know that I love boxing and it’s a regular part of our group training sessions.  Boxing is a great way to work out – not only will it make you fitter and stronger it’s lots of fun and can relieve stress.


With boxing comes impact and the shoulder joint is under pressure so it’s vital to have a good technique and I wanted to share with you a guide to better boxing.


In this blog post I share with you techniques on how to box the right way.


1.    Boxing Safely


While exercising it’s so important to keep as safe as possible to avoid injury.  Here are some tips in keeping yourself safe during boxing:


  • Boxing gloves and inserts should be worn at all times when using punching bags or other boxing equipment.
  • Punch a little slower if you have to, it’s more important that your technique is correct.
  • Always check if your partner is ready, we don’t want any black eyes!
  • Position your elbows in tight to your waist to absorb the punch.
  • Catch the punch firmly and tell your partner if he or she is hitting too hard.


2.    A Guide to Basic Punching


Let’s get back to basics and cover the important foundations of punching correctly. The first thing to remember is to stand correctly. The ‘Fighting Stance’ basics:


  • Ensure your feet are spread around shoulder width apart.
  • One foot should be slightly forward of the other.
  • Ensure elbows are in tightly.


My Tip: A quick way to get ready is one step out, one step back like tram tracks, light on your feet and guard up.


3.    A Guide to Jabs


When performing a jab keep the other arm at your jaw line and look along your arm as you punch, extend your arm fully with a full range of motion. Be careful not to over extend your elbow.


4.    A Guide to Hooks


When doing a hook you should twist your hip and use it to drive the punch while keeping your elbows up.


5.    A Guide to Uppercuts


Uppercuts work the mid section and the lower the body. Drop your body down as you drive through and punch upwards.


If you have any questions or would like more information on how to box correctly then get in touch!


The Mums The Word Fitness team has training sessions in the Inner West including Marrickville, Petersham, Annandale and Glebe. Check the timetable for a session that suits you or contact me for more information.

See you in the great outdoors,


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