Heart rate training zones and how they assist weight loss

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October 5, 2018
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October 7, 2018

Training Zones

What are heart rate training zones?

A target zone is a heart rate range that guides your workout by keeping your intensity level between an upper and lower heart rate limit. There are various target zones that are suggested for an individual to follow, that correspond with a specific exercise goal. ie Improved Fitness Zone 70-80% of Max Heart Rate.

Looking at the table below you can see the training zone for losing weight is between 60 and 70% of your maximum heart rate.


Based on max heart rate of the above example, and if  losing weight is your goal, you want your heart rate to be in the 60-70% training zone which is between 108 and 126 bpm.

Before Iphones and Apple watches we used heart rate monitors for measurement.  These days its pretty easy to see what your heart rate is when exercising.

Lets not waste our precious time!  We are all busy, I saw someone brushing their teeth whilst driving at 3.30 in the afternoon ! This knowledge will maximize your workout sessions to become more effective.


Ideal For Benefit Desired Intensity Level (% Maximum heart rate)
Light Exercise Maintain Healthy Heart/Get Fit 50% – 60%
Weight Management Lose Weight/ Burn Fat 60% – 70%
Aerobic Base Building Increase Stamina Aerobic Endurance 70% – 80%
Optimal Conditioning Maintain Excellent Fitness Condition 80% – 90%
Elite Athlete  Maintain Superb Athletic Condition 90% – 100%

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