My 5 Go To Glute Activation Exercises

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My 5 Go To Glute Activation Exercises




My 5 go to Glute activation exercises – a hot topic
Lets talk about pain. Are you suffering with?

  • lower back pain
  • hip pain or
  • knee pain
  • or want to avoid this type of pain



Then we need to talk about GLUTES.  the glute or known as your butt and is  the biggest and strongest muscle in your body. Your glute or correctly named gluteus maximus is  connected to the coccyx, or tailbone, as well as other surrounding bones. The gluteus maximus muscle is responsible for movement of the hip and thigh.

Glute activation is talked about a lot and for good reason. Inactive glutes are very common. By activating your glutes, you can
• Reduce pain
• run faster
• lift stronger

The reason they become inactive as most of the time our glutes are used to do a great deal of sitting, such as:

• Binging out on a Netflix series
• Driving our car
• Travelling by public transport to and from work
• Sitting at our desk


Symptoms of inactive glutes can be

  • doing loads of core exercises and following a healthy food plan and not loosing belly fat
  • lower back pain
  • you have tight ITB 

Glute Activation is about more than doing a loads squats and lunges during your workouts. The hips get tight and the glutes get inactive which causes these issues. Activating your glutes means first loosening up tight muscles from sitting all day at a desk and then getting them activated BEFORE you move on to the big lifts like squats and lunges.

If you want to alleviate your pain and get your glutes working, you need to follow a three-step process:

Foam Roll or ball

I suffer with lower back pain and when I am home I do a series of exercises and stretches with my roller. When on holidays I pack my TP Massage ball. 

You  will see below my go 5 to glute exercises I use in my workouts, with my personal training clients and my group fitness class clients in the inner west.  Most of my training is conducted outdoors, in Marrickville, Petersham, Annandale and Glebe, verses working in a gym.

They are are isolation exercises which focus primarily on the glutes. When performing these exercises, really focus on this muscle  to avoid the hamstrings and quads taking over.

My Go To 5 exercises are:

Fire Hydrant

Donkey Kick

Bird dog

Advanced Bird Dog



Please let me know the ones you like or if you have favourites of our own, by using the comments section on my Facebook page, or you can email me at You can also go the contact page here and send me a message.
Happy to discuss your particular concerns off line.

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