Tips to stay in shape over the holidays

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December 11, 2018
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Tips to stay in shape over the holidays


Its  only a few weeks  to Christmas and  I don’t know about you but already my calendar is full and I am bracing myself for the possibly of eating my own body weight over and over again.

Seriously it does not have to be like that !

How do we strike a healthy balance for healthy eating at Christmas time? To be successful about anything planning is the key and festive time is no exception,  so we need to put some boundaries and forethought around our food and drinking choices.


Here are some tips

Limit your indulgence

Don’t be too hard on yourself – the festive period is the perfect time to eat, drink and be merry with your family and friends. However in the run-up to Christmas try to limit the days  you go all out, sticking to enjoying the major events or gatherings, Two alcohol free days in a row are a good start, and choose drinks with less  calories.

Set realistic goals

I  know with some people or events I wont drink a lot and others I will.  Its easier for me to not drink at lunch than dinner so if I can catch up with someone for lunch  instead I will. I will share a plate or desert if I can too.

And include exercise in your plan: at least 30 mins a day.


Try HIIT workouts

We are usually time poor around this time of year so if you want to still exercise hard look at high intensity interval training (HIIT), a example of a HIIT workout is here . HIIT  is an intense fast  workout which will  give your body  superior results.

Stay toned with strength training

Looking lean and strong, is not only an attractive  look, its good for your health and bones. Keep up strength training to maintain the muscle mass you’ve worked hard to get. Aim to  lift a weight that after about 8 reps it gets pretty challenging.

Stay hydrated

Continue  to drink water throughout  the day,  a really good tip is after each alcoholic drink when you are partying, have a water after. When I dot this I tend to drink less.


Merry Christmas


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