Top 10 tips to kick start weight loss

5 reasons we dont exercise and what to do about it
January 31, 2019



Valentines Day is not far away: I bet you want to wear a special outfit. I thought I would share 10 tips to kick start your weight loss plan to help you wear your favorite outfit.

We love helping you on your health and fitness  journey so we have also provided you with  our 14 days of Melfulness  Healthy Eating plan to   get you on your way. And if you like it, there is more where that came from!


14 days of Mefullness MTWF

Begin with a workout

The best time of day to workout is the morning. All you need is 20 minutes and so set that alarm and get moving!

Forget daily weigh ins

I am not a fan of daily weigh ins, its not a true snap shot of what is going on. Women’s  cycles can alter what the scales are saying. Once a week is best and preferably in the morning.

Be armed with snacks

Being organised and planning = success. Nuts, carrot and celery sticks,  cubes of cheese and dark chocolate will  keep those hunger pangs away and stop you from grabbing something fast and sweet which you will regret.

Do something you love

Read, draw, find a great Netflix show, take a bath-have some me time, a distraction to help you stop thinking about food which cab sabotage your efforts.

Homemade is best

At least for the next 10 days,  cook at home. Not only will you know exactly what you are  eating. it  also eliminated the temptation of having an alcoholic drink!

Drink water

You can increase your metabolic rate by 30% by increasing your daily water intake.  The rule of thump tends to be 8-10 glasses based on your weight.

Chew chew chew

If we eat our food slower it allows time for us to asses when we are full. and we want to stop eating just before that. Also known as mindful eating.

If we do end up eating the whole bowl, wait 20 minutes to ascertain if you are still hungry.

Increase your protein

Protein such as meat, eggs ,yogurt, fish, chicken and lentils is important to weight loss.

  • Help you feel full longer
  • Helps burn fat
  • Builds muscle.

Clean out your fridge and pantry

To give yourself the best start remove all junk and processed food from the fridge and the pantry. Your family may not be happy but hey they really  don’t need it.

Stick a photo on your fridge

Do you have a photo of a time where you liked what you saw in the mirror? Perhaps wearing the outfit you want to fit into for Valentines Day?

Visual cues help keep us motivated  an on track when it gets hard.




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