Understanding food labels

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August 20, 2018
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October 5, 2018

Understanding food labels

To help us make better decisions whilst shopping, getting a grasp on reading food labels is useful.

Food Labels  can help you identity  the amount of fat, sugar and cholesterol in your diet;  thus making it easy for you to compare one food item with another and choose the one with lower amounts. 

You can also use an app designed for phones and tablets  called Foodswitch.

Good news is you dont need to be tech savyy to get the benefits of  this app. The George Institute for Global Health  introduced Foodswitch which helps you see the ingredients  in packaged foods (and lets face it there is sooo many  packaged foods), and  gives you the chance to make a healthier choice available  in supermarkets.

It allows you to scan the barcode of the packaged item and gives you quick easy nutritional information as well healthier  alternatives. And you can share this with friends and family.






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