Weight Training Myths -BUSTED

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October 5, 2018
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Weight Training Myths -BUSTED


As a personal trainer I cant count the number of times I have conversations with women  who discount the benefits of incorporating weight training into their fitness routine. Their fear of  becoming bulky and morph into a female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger is unfounded.

The vision of a female body builder pops into people’s minds and they decide it’s not for them or that it looks unrealistic. So they just want to tone.

In this post I discuss the myths of weight training and BUST THEM!


Myth 1 Lifting weights will make you bulk up 

So unless you have the time to devote to hours and hours of training daily, want to change your diet radically and  have insane genetics, then you’re never going to look bulky. Female bodybuilders have trained for many years to achieve a very specific look, and often use anabolic steroids to assist them.

FACT: Women often dont have enough testosterone to create this bulked up look, so please, once and for all, let’s move on.

Myth 2 Muscle turns to fat if you stop

Fat and muscle are two different things. The great thing about weight lifting is that if burns more calories after the lesson then cardio workouts.

Myth 3 Work one muscle group per day

Serious lifters often adopt this practice , but its more important to vary your workouts as muscles need a day or two to recover.

Myth 4 The only way is lift heavy

Doing more repetitions  with lighter weights will help you build endurance , where less repetitions with heavier weights will give you hydrotherapy (muscle mass)  and in reality we need both strength and muscle gain in our everyday lives.

Micheal Mosley who puts himself through rigorous testing to give us information to improve our lifestyle,  believes  muscle strength, can occur as long as  the muscle is fatigued, which  can be achieved with  body weight, and lighter weights.


Myth 5 Weights are bad for your joints

I have a weak patella (knee ) and my physio advised me to increase the muscle around the area ie quads to help support the knee and recommended both  the leg press and leg curl machines.

Myth 6 Machines are better than free weights

Machines will isolate the muscle, where free weights will recruit more muscles at a time during the movement . A test compared a squat performed with a smith machine compared to traditionally weighted squats , and the later recruited the quads 45% more.


Other Benefits of Weight Training

  • Burning calories while you sleep.
  • Increasing your metabolism.
  • Increasing bone density so avoiding and reducing the risks of osteoporosis.
  • Improving balance and co-ordination.

If you are unhappy with the way you look and feel the only way to fix it is to change what you are currently doing. Once a week won’t cut it. If you can commit to around 3 hours of exercise a week this will help you shift the kilos faster.

Tips for Weight Training

Here I’ve listed some weight training tips.  As a guide, if you are lifting heavy, choose a  weight so that when you can do 8-10 reps and the last 2-3 are hard so you feel you can’t do another rep! Aim to do 3 sets of 10 or 4 sets of 8. Alternatively if you are using lighter weights, you want to do 15-20.

Take care and use a spotter if required to assist you if you get into trouble. You can work with a friend or a personal trainer.  You can also use your body weight. Performing push ups or dips to the point of muscle fatigue will also help build muscle.

Weight Training Exercises

To help you get started I’ve listed some weight training exercises to try:

  • Bicep and tricep exercises: bicep curls, hammer curls, tricep dips, tricep extensions.
  • Back, arm and chest exercises: push ups, chest press, renegade row, superman.
  • Leg exercises: butt kicks, high knees, curtsy lunges, weighted sumo squats.
  • Glute exercises: weighted bridges, kettle bell swings, reverse lunges, weighted reverse squats.
  • Core and abs exercises: shoulder traps, crab walk, mountain climbers, bear crawl, plank, jumps and kayaks.


The Mums The Word Fitness team incorporates weight training workouts in our personal training and our group training sessions. Book a FREE trial session today,

See you in the great outdoors,


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