When you have 12 minutes

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March 7, 2018
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When you have 12 minutes

http://youtu.be/qMKJqZ9004Do you have 12 minutes?

I mean 12 minutes spare in your day to exercise?  That’s not enough you may say?
I hear you shriek in disbelief
I can show you a 12 minutes workout that burns fat and build strength.

How does it work. You choose 6 exercises. I chose the following because they are known and they work the upper body, lower body, core and abdominals.

The exercises are
Squat jumps
Push ups
Reverse curls
Single leg bridges
Reverse lunges.

For 30 seconds you work as hard as you possibly can and then you rest for 10sec.  You do all 6 exercises in order for 3 sets.

There are loads of benefits to Interval training and here are is is called Interval training and 8 benefits are:

  1. Higher calorie burn in less time
  2. No time to get bored
  3. Injury prevention
  4. Less risk of overtraining
  5. Awesome cardio
  6. Allows you to accomplish more work in a shorter amount of time
  7. You can fit it in
  8. This type of training encourages longer fat burn ie while you sleep.

How good is that!

You cannot tell me you can find 12 minutes.

See  the moves here



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