We love seeing happier healthier people!

Our clients make us who we are. We love being part of the journey they take to find a healthier and happier version of themselves.
That’s why it’s great to hear what our clients say about their journey, their goals, their struggles but most importantly their achievements. Here's a look at some of our clients, celebrating their awesome achievements.
We are privileged they have shared this with us so we can share it with you.


Testimonial #1

Name: Lisa
Challenge: Motivation - Adding Exercise to my Life

2015 year was a shocker for me (my horrible!) for a variety of reasons. At the beginning of 2016 I weighed over 71 kilos, having put 13 kilos on in 6 months & felt challenged as to how I would lose it.
At 47 all I had heard was how hard it is to lose weight the older you are. I started seeing a dietician, who made me realise my unhealthy, emotional eating patterns and how to break these. Around the same time I decided to get serious about my exercise. I’d made many donations to gyms and swimming pools over the years. However I like the variety of cross training and having an instructor to push me so I don’t slack off.

While I dreaded waking up at 5:30am, with three kids in tow and working a full time workload in four days, I had to retrain myself to see this as my time and that I deserved this. I hated boxing and burpees at first but somewhere along the way I started to get a little bit fitter and stronger and then I secretly started to look forward to it!!
With consistent attendance and great trainers in Cath and Alex, I began to crave my exercise and if I missed out, due to travel or sickness, I couldn’t wait until the next session. Slowly the weight began to come off as I combined eating sensibly & exercise. I felt that I couldn’t slacken off in either element or I’d be letting the other one down.
Cath and Alex as trainers are always trying something new that they have come across and no two workouts are the same. Cath has supported me along the way and celebrated with me as I started to reclaim my life and get on top of my health.
I have now lost over 13 kilos and feel fantastic. I love working out in the park and watching the sun come up. Sometimes it’s freezing, but it’s the best time of the day. Thanks Cath!

Dianne-Testimonial-Mums The Word Fitness

Testimonial #2

Name: Dianne – PT and Group
Challenge: Motivation & Flexibility

Mums the Word Fitness Group classes have always been a place where I can get a great workout and some necessary time for me. The workouts are a constant challenge but with a variety of different times and sessions available I can always find a session I can do.
The sessions themselves are varied and always filled with positivity, from both Cathy and my training buddies. Without this, I would not have achieved and sustained a 10k weight loss since last year. I feel great and always look forward to training.

Laura-Testimonial-Mums The Word Fitness

Testimonial #3

Name: Laura – PT and Group
Challenge: Motivation & Flexibility

After my second baby and the usual stresses and challenges that come with that I had struggled for motivation and to lose the last 5kg.
However, once I started training with Cathy the weight started to come off. She is so supportive and motivating and I feel great fitting into all my old clothes again. More importantly, I feel healthier and fitter both physically and mentally. Cathy and all the mums who train as part of her group are so down to earth and so it makes fitness fun and not intimidating. And I have met some lovely ladies as well that I have a lot in common with.

Testimonial #1

Name: Lucretia
Challenge: Energy Levels & Balancing Baby

I started training with Cathy from “Mums The Word Fitness” just four months after giving birth to my first son. Before joining I was naturally exhausted but I was also feeling down. Being constantly tired, feeling sluggish, not eating well and missing my previous daily contributed to me feeling low. I had also gained 18kg during the pregnancy.
Training with Cathy and her team was one of the best decisions I had made for myself. Not only was I training with a supportive and professional trainer but I was able to bring my son with me and socialise with other mothers. For the first time in my life I was actually looking forward to Mondays.
After only 6 sessions (I kid you not) I was starting to feel ‘alive’ again. At this point I had lost 10k, felt more energised and was feeling happier within (which is really the most important thing). By the time I had completed my first 10 sessions I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight!!!
If you are looking to get rid of your pregnancy weight, gain confidence, feel good within and have fun whilst your bub watches you then I highly recommend you join Cathy’s team.

Testimonial #2

Name: Malinda
Challenge: Getting fit again

Cathy makes working out fun. Classes are never the same, I really enjoy been able to workout outside. Flexible time for busy mums. Cathy is very supportive and encouraging, she has made me a healthier, fitter mum and I love to workout now.

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Testimonial #1

Name: Rosalie
Challenge: Getting Fitter at my pace

When I first started exercising, I was unable to skip at all. It was something that over time I had to learn and build up my ability at my own pace so I got better consistently.

Through regular sessions (2 per week) I can now skip 100 skips without stopping. We focused on body strengthening & cardio exercises, varying the workouts between machines like the rower & treadmill and a mix of weight machines & dumbbells. And of course, skipping :).

My outlook and self esteem have both taken massive strides. The fact that I could learn at my own pace and see my improvement grew my confidence to not only keep coming to my sessions but also try exercises I wasn’t sure I could do. I feel like my body is fitter and my mind believes I can do more things as well.

Testimonial #4

Name: Ken
Challenge: Coming back from Injury

I’ve been training with Cathy for about ten years and do two sessions a week with her.
Originally I was recovering from a back injury and was looking for help to strengthen my back. Now my goals are about staying fit and healthy, which enables me to feel good and lead an active lifestyle with my family.
Cathy brings an amazing amount of variety to our sessions, with a great mix of cardio, pilates, strength work and boxing. Cathy’s also very good at working with my little injury niggles.
I couldn’t recommend her more highly.